The Cameron Trust

How we started

The charity's founder, Duncan Cameron, recalls why he decided to set up The Cameron Charitable Trust.

Having let properties to tenants with learning disabilities for 4 years, we compiled enough accounts and data to allow us to show that this sector can be as attractive as a private let to a landlord, yielding similar long term yields.

There were only 2 problems, as I saw it.

Firstly, the extra administration involved when dealing with local authorities. It had taken us a long time to understand how the Housing Benefit and Social Services departments work and I doubted it was something the average private landlord would want to be involved with.

Secondly, private landlords had no idea that this market sector existed.

So I set about creating a charitable entity to put landlords and tenants in touch and leverage our expertise to alleviate the administration problems. With the help of some of the friends and contacts I had made via The Cameron Trust, we figured out what Lets for Life – our specialised housing provider for disabilities - might look like:

In the meantime, The Cameron Trust continues to serve as a platform to provide information to create more choice in quality housing for people with disabilities.