The Cameron Trust

About Duncan Cameron

In this excerpt from Disability Today, Duncan Cameron talks to Andrew Chilvers about the Cameron Trust and New Key, a housing programme to help people with learning disabilities live independently.

Highly successful entrepreneur Duncan Cameron made his money during the internet boom with

His retirement from the website almost 10 years ago coincided with the news that his father had dementia. Overnight, Duncan had to adapt to his new role as a carer, a disturbing yet rewarding experience. Above all, Duncan discovered that the carers' lot is not a particularly easy one.

As he tried to find suitable carers and accommodation for this father, Duncan soon became disillusioned and frustrated with the lack of help and support offered by the local authority. Eventually he created a core network of carers to provide a continuity of care to take the burden off the family.

Through this intensely painful experience, Duncan realised that he wanted to play his part in helping people who are disadvantaged in life. Together with Gary Kent, who runs learning disabilities support project New Key, he hit upon the idea of providing home-based support that helps to give people with learning disabilities a chance for independent living.

The Cameron Trust now has several properties in Torbay, Devon, which have been set up for people with learning disabilities. Totnes-based New Key provides the at-home support for the tenants.